Wednesday, 18 December 2013

New Wallpaper Series Lauching

       Model : 9025






Model : 9025

Model : 9018

Model : 9010

Model : 9011

Model : 9012

Model : 9012A

Model : 9013

Model : 9013A

Model : 9014

Model : 9013A

Model : 9015

Model : 9016

Model : 9016

Model : 9017

Model : 9018

Model : 9019

Model : 9021

Model : 9022

Model : 9023

Model : 9025

Model : 9026    

Monday, 21 October 2013

Designer Roller Blinds

IDE Design are a company dealing with window furnishings and new generation decorative decals. We have a team of professionally trained consultants to assist all our clients need for residential and commercial projects.

Our new innovative products are Designer Roller Blinds & Decorative Products.

Designer Roller Blinds:

It is carefully printed with the latest design that can easily blend into any design concept you have. With this roller blinds, you will never feel bore with your windows. It is a piece of art blending into your entire interior.

With the latest materials used, the blinds are now anti-dust, anti-bacterial. Further benefits like more durable under hot weather, reducing heat from coming into your house (approximately 10%) cutting off the glaring daylight, and it is almost maintenance free.
I Feel Good ! why not think about roller blinds?  

Roller Blinds are Aesthetically Attractive


Easy to Operate. 



Anti- Bacterial

UV Protection

Hassle Free
No Spare Set Needed
Affordable Price

Multi Design and Material To Chose

Wall Of Art

12 months warranty

Please contact me or whatsapp me at 016-206 5555, Free Quote Available!